Introduction to Estate Planning

What is it?

An Introduction to Estate Planning presents the building blocks of estate planning:  wills and intestacy; forms of property ownership; the federal estate and gift tax; valuation; the marital deduction; Section 6166; GSST; irrevocable life insurance trusts; irrevocable/revocable living trusts; QPRTs, GRATs and GRUTs; 2503(c) trusts; bypass trusts; QDOTs; family limited partnerships; and much more.

What does it look like?

Information is presented in a clean, logical format. Examples, tables and graphics are used where appropriate to enhance comprehension. Key points are called out on most pages.

how much does it cost?

We'll work with you to provide you the best pricing based on your company's unique needs.

How can you get it?

Contact us and we can provide a test drive. Once you've seen how it can help your advanced markets initiatives, we'll take the next steps.


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