Business Insurance Online

What is it?

This course teaches business insurance concepts and strategies, exploring the many uses for life insurance in the vast and lucrative small business market. BIO examines major problems faced by business owners, types of business organizations, business valuation, employer-owned life insurance, business continuation, financial statements, key employee insurance, executive compensation, and employee benefits.

What does it look like?

BIO offers comprehensive information in a dynamic, user-friendly format. Each unit has its own menu for easy use as a reference tool, and the glossary covers important terms. Questions are sprinkled throughout the text to enhance comprehension, along with end-of-unit quizzes and a final exam.

how much does it cost?

We'll work with you to provide you the best pricing based on your company's unique needs.

How can you get it?

Contact us and we can provide a test drive. Once you've seen how it can help your advanced markets initiatives, we'll take the next steps.


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