AMO Documents

AMO Documents

What is it?

AMO Documents focuses on practicality. Agents need not scroll through a sea of specialty documents with limited practical applications because this product includes only the most frequently used advanced sales documents related to charitable giving, retirement plans, estate planning, and life insurance. Implementation and life event checklists provide added value by helping producers recognize needed documentation for specific cases. All documents are updated annually — an essential consideration for dynamic material.

What does it look like?

Watermarked sample documents are organized by subject. A "More Information" section contains checklists. Life event checklists are for clients going through any major life change, from divorce to starting a new business to caring for an aging parent. Implementation checklists group relevant documents needed for a particular strategy.

how much does it cost?

We'll work with you to provide you the best pricing based on your company's unique needs.

How can you get it?

Contact us and we can provide a test drive. Once you've seen how it can help your advanced markets initiatives, we'll take the next steps.


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