Advanced Markets Prompts

What is it?

Fuzzy about how a QPRT works? Want a quick overview of CRTs? Need a smart advanced marketing handout? Advanced Markets Prompts (AMPs) from Pentera provides producers, managers, and everyone on your team a quick, concise, yet thorough review of 27 advanced market concepts. Two or three minutes is all it will take a producer to review these simple, one-page summaries of common yet complex advanced sales ideas. AMPs is compatible with most smartphones, tablets, and iPads, providing advanced marketing support wherever producers or sales support team members work.

What does it look like?

Each one-pager defines the concept, explains how it works, shows its application and why it is useful, then illustrates the concept with an
easy-to-duplicate napkin drawing.

how much does it cost?

We'll work with you to provide you the best pricing based on your company's unique needs.

How can you get it?

Contact us and we can provide a test drive. Once you've seen how it can help your advanced markets initiatives, we'll take the next steps.


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Topics Included in SalesMaker

Estate Planning

Annual Gift Tax Exclusion


Private Annuity

Credit Shelter Trust

Revocable Living Trust

Dynasty Trusts




Crummey Power


Private Annuity

Installment Sale

Key Person Valuation

Buy-Sell Agreement

Split Dollar

Executive Bonus

Nonqualified Deferred Compensation


Roth IRA

Traditional IRA



Required Minimum Distributions

Charitable Giving

Wealth Replacement Trust

CRT (Charitable Remainder Trusts)
CGA (Charitable Gift Annuity)

Charitable Income Tax Deduction
Charitable Lead Trusts